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Aluminium Ingot

The primary raw material for the production of aluminium products is ingot aluminium. It is a metal material that is environmentally friendly with heat, electrical conductivity and lightweight, corrosion, malt, and recyclable properties that makes large use in many industries, such as building, energy, packaging , transport, and consumer goods.

ASTM, ANSI *or Customer Requested 
B26/B26M, B85/B85M, B108/B108M, B618/B618M, B666/B666M, B686/B686M, B955/B955M, B969/B969M, B985, E29, E34, E607, E716, E1251 *or Customer Requested 
Prime / Non-Prime

NB: More grades, finishes, qualities, inspections & tests available upon request.

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